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PHP is the right tool for the job (for all the wrong reasons)

Which job? Well... most of them. At least, a very, very large number of them.

When people complain about PHP being a horrible language, not fit for human consumption, they will often talk about how the features of their favourite language are far more refined; have been designed with elegance in mind; are consistent and secure. And you know what? They're right.

But PHP is still a better tool.

When people write very long blog posts about the horror that is PHP, which lead to double-clawed hammers being created, then they're right.

But that double-clawed PHP hammer is still a better tool.

And it should…

Fork (a short story)

We discovered time travel. Actually, we haven't yet, but it has happened. Or will happen. Possibly. The specifics are a little complicated.

We managed to resolve some misconceptions about time travel (the first being that it's actually possible). Things you change in the past don't affect the future; at least, not the future you came from. You can't stop a thing from having happened. History is immutable. It's because of this that you can't travel forward in time (at least, not faster than anyone else). The trip is backwards, and it's one-way.

A common thought in science fiction before time trav…

The cost (and value) of software

Every now and then, I'll have someone who contacts me, seems keen to build a project with me, and then balks when they see my rates. This may sound like I'm over-charging, but my rates are actually relatively low for a web developer. If you engaged my services while I was working for an agency, you should expect to be charged anywhere from 150-250% of my hourly rate to get, essentially, the same service.

People come to me looking for a piece of software to be built to their specifications, often to save money or time in their business (or even just to increase their own productivity). Most of …

Time's up! And now to pick a project!

Well I got a massive response from my offer of 25 hours of free work. Not only did I get a good number of projects to pick from, but I got a few job offers, and a number of other contacts. Even at this stage, I'll call it a great success.

So I have ahead of me the task of going through all the projects again, and picking my favourites, as well as the most viable ideas. This is going to be a tough task because there are so many good ideas.

When a decision is made, I'll update (with the permission of the client, of course) to let you know what I'm working on, then update again when the job is don…

$2000 of free work on your exciting project - last 4 days to get your ideas in

The time to apply for my offer of 25 hours work for free is almost up! You have until Monday the 31st of December to get your ideas to me.

I've had a couple of good ones already, but that's no reason to hold back. Start the new year by getting your wild idea out of your mind, and into a working system. There's still 25 hours of free work available if your project challenges and interests me.

That's $2000 off what it would otherwise cost.

Read the original post for all the details, and remember to email me instead of just leaving a comment.

I'm excited by some of the ambitious ideas that I've alre…