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$2000 of free work on your exciting project - last 4 days to get your ideas in

The time to apply for my offer of 25 hours work for free is almost up! You have until Monday the 31st of December to get your ideas to me.

I've had a couple of good ones already, but that's no reason to hold back. Start the new year by getting your wild idea out of your mind, and into a working system. There's still 25 hours of free work available if your project challenges and interests me.

That's $2000 off what it would otherwise cost.

Read the original post for all the details, and remember to email me instead of just leaving a comment.

I'm excited by some of the ambitious ideas that I've already heard, and I want to hear yours, too.

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Look to finish up and relaunch our final site. Its basically done. Looking for help for small tweeks.

Ka kei Ho

My project is very small, which fits perfectly with your 25 hour rule.This is a very niche idea but a social one.

A start-up that match otakus with each other: A dinner for a group of five of mixed gender's. There's a waiting line, each time the "quota fills" there will be a date scheduled for the group of five to meet in a restaurant. The service adds value this way: a) otakus which are a very niche get to socialize with other otakus, while on the b) side restaurants that would like to host these people, arguably any smart restaurant owner would want a constant secure flow of customers in exchange for a cut. This is groupon meets grouper (

My initial though is to launch this in this niche with the foresight that I might need to pivot to a wider audience, but I could see this working is some other niches as well. All in all this idea could evolve a lot depending on engagement. I hope you see the potential of this idea too!

Samuel Levy

Emailing me is the best way to get an idea to me - leaving a comment doesn't give me any way to contact you.


Hi Sam,

I really like your idea. As a fellow consultant I like it so much that I might do something similar. This is excellent way to get in touch with people you care about.
Looking forward to see what you will do.

Zeljko Dakic