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Do I look like I give a shit (public license)

I'll make this short and sweet. I felt that we needed a new license. Blogfile was/is released under the WTFPL, and it's sub-project, SHITLang was also released under the same license.

I have no interest in maintaining SHITLang, and wanted to discourage people from trying to get me to look at pull requests.

Anyway, today, it is moving to the brand new license that I created (based heavily on the concept of the WTFPL): the Do I Look Like I Give A Shit Public License.

So what should this license be used for?

  • You are sick of maintaining a side project
  • You really don't give a shit about the project
  • You feel that the WTFPL is too permissive, in that "do what the fuck you want to" could be interpreted as "send me pull requests".

Go forth and put the licence on your crappy old side projects. Or Don't. Do I look like I give a shit?

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I laughed really out loud, and it is very late here.
Superb, loved the style. Should be automatically applied on github to anything that doesn't move for a year or more!


This is so damn awesome!


Brilliant sir

Laura Hamilton

That's pretty funny


Just saw this on an application I downloaded and thought that this was the funniest thing ever! Kudos amigos!


This is fucking awesome
you are a genius !


Only saw this specific on an application When i down loaded and imagined that was your funniest point ever before! Thanks amigos!