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Hire Me

It turns out that I'm a freelance developer! How lucky is that!

I use PHP, Python, JavaScript, MySQL, and have a fair bit of Linux sys-admin experience.

Things I'm good at doing:

  • Designing software from the ground up.
  • Fixing old software which doesn't work so well any more.
  • Talking to programmers, system admins, end clients, and non-technical people.
  • Finding (and fixing) the cause of bugs, not just the symptoms.
  • Making things that work.

Don't hire me to:

  • Bake a cake
  • *Dance the Can-can
  • Walk your dog

What have other people said about me:

"One of Sam's best strengths is the diversity of his skills. He is very competent in front end technologies; he is a very capable programmer; he has excellent sys-admin skills; and he can handle direct communications with clients and most project management tasks."
-- Tom Cameron, Mooball IT

"Sam has a great mix of coding chops, raw intelligence and a love of clean code. You can send him at big, complex problems and get back an elegant solution. I especially value his opinion when we are making big picture decisions on how our code base should be structured. I'm thrilled to have him on our team."
-- Johnny Goodman,

If you have a project in mind that you want to get done right, then you should contact me.

If you just want to throw money at me, then you can do that too, I guess! It's up to you!

* Not that I can't bake a mean cake, but I'm not in the cake business.