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Time's up! And now to pick a project!

Well I got a massive response from my offer of 25 hours of free work. Not only did I get a good number of projects to pick from, but I got a few job offers, and a number of other contacts. Even at this stage, I'll call it a great success.

So I have ahead of me the task of going through all the projects again, and picking my favourites, as well as the most viable ideas. This is going to be a tough task because there are so many good ideas.

When a decision is made, I'll update (with the permission of the client, of course) to let you know what I'm working on, then update again when the job is done.

Thanks to everyone who sent through their ideas, and especially to the people who sent through other job offers.

When the project is done, I'll decide whether I'll run this again or not, but for the moment, it's looking likely.

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yes the best about you is in " If you would like to offer me a job, sing my praises, or..." hearty congrats all the way to you.